Smith and Jones

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Filming Company with a huge list of big jobs.

Connected mandy members:

Neville Cann
2020, TV Commercial, Head Waiter
2020, IHOP Pancakes, Board Member
2020, Fan Duel, Office lady
Mona Lisa
2020, Coca Cola - Project X, Wrestling Fan
Joel Hicks
2020, Coca Cola - Energy 'Show Up', Featured Artist
2019, York, American Child
Duke island studios
2019, IHOP (Submarine), Helmsman
2019, Hershey Heath Bar Commercial (North America release), Palace Guard
Black Island Studios
Aron Dochard
2019, GameStop Love and Angels, Ghost Child
2019, Fan Duel, Hot Dog Eating Contestant
Mike Booth
2019, Dunkin Donuts, Buddy Cop
Paul Thomas
2019, Bud Light: Cave Explorers, Explorer
Paul Thomas
Voice Over: English
2019, Bud Light: Cave Explorers, Explorer
Helen Terry
2019, BUD LIGHT, Shakespearean Thespian
2018, FCA 'PPI Campaign', Linds
2018, Duracell, Elf
Glen Wilson
2018, Captain Morgan, Caribbean Captain
2018, Captain Morgan, Tugboat Captain
Ross Hatt
2017, Vonage - Presentation Control, Jake
2017, Swedish Fish, Swedish Woman

Smith and Jones Jobs

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Alternative Company Names

Smith & Jones, Smith & Jones Films, Smith & Sons Films, Smith and Jones Films