Spadra Bus Theatre Company

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Based in liverpool. See website for more details

Connected mandy members:

Felix Pring
2010, Lear and His Daughters, King Lear
Kings Head
2010, Lear and his daughters, Albany, Burgundy, Gloucester
The Kings Head
Felix Pring
2010, Lear and His Daughters, Kent
Rosemary Branch
2010, Lear and His Daughters, Cordelia / Foole
The KIngs Head
2010, Leah and his Daughters, Fool
Rosmary Branch Theatre
2010, King Lear, Lear
King's Head Theatre
Sonia Kaur
2009, King Lear, Goneril/ Regan
2009, King Leah, Cordelia
John Curry Studio

Spadra Bus Theatre Company Jobs

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Alternative Company Names

spadra bus tc, spadra bus theatre, spadra bus theatre co, spadra bus theatre co.