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Tara is 30. Positioned between East & West, the company champions creative diversity through the production, promotion and development of work that defies all barriers to the imagination. The creative health of modern diverse humanity demands no passports.

No passports for the stories we tell
No passports for the artists we work with
No passports for our audiences.

Founded in 1977, the company tours vibrant adaptations of European and Asian classics, develops new writing and brings the great stories of the world to children in junior schools.

Tara's distinctive, ‘Binglish’ style of theatre, has resulted in co-productions with the National Theatre of Tartuffe (1990), The Little Clay Cart (1991) and Cyrano (1995). The company has also staged an epic of migration - Journey to the West (2002): a trilogy of plays.

Based in South London, and touring annually to England, Scotland and Wales, the company has also toured the Netherlands, Ireland, France, Belgium, Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Australia.

Connected mandy members:

Steve Vearncombe
Production Manager
2016, The Peoples Tower, Production Manager
Kirsty MacDiarmid
Assistant Stage Manager
2016, Paradise of the Assassins, DSM
Tara Theatre
Matilde Marangoni
Set Designer
2016, Paradise of the Assassins, Set and Costume Designer
Tara Theatre
Jerrome Buck-Townsend
Sound Designer
2016, Hamlet, Sound Designer
Watford Palace Theatre
Adam J Rainer
Wardrobe Manager
2016, Hamlet, Costume Maker
Hollie Kostis
Costume Maker
2016, Bollywood Jack, Assistant Costume Maker
Tara Arts Theatre
Megan Howell
Costume Maker
2016, Bollywood Jack, Costume Maker & Assistant
Rachael Bearfoot
Stage Assistant / Stagehand
2015, Shakespeare's Macbeth, Placement
The Royal Theatre in Windsor
Matthew Hales
Company Stage Manager
2015, Macbeth, CSM
UK Tour
Lindsay Anne Briggs (Owen)
Technical Stage Manager
2015, Macbeth, Technical Assistant stage manager
National tour
Deven Modha
2015, Macbeth, Malcolm; Fleance; Macduff's Son; Witch
UK National Tour
Emmeline Harris
Costume Maker
2015, Macbeth, Costume Maker
John Afzal
2015, Macbeth, Ross
Stratford Circus
Brian Perkins
Company Stage Manager
2015, Macbeth, Company Stage Manager
Amy Clarke
Deputy Stage Manager
2015, Macbeth, Deputy Stage Manager
UK Tour
Henriette Rietveld
Assistant Director
2015, Macbeth, Assistant Director
Bronwen Thompson
Costume Assistant
2015, Macbeth, Wardrobe Mistress
Eddie Howell
2015, Macbeth, Assistant Director
2014, Pawn, Jade
Deven Modha
2014, Macbeth, Ensemble

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Alternative Company Names

Arts Beat, Tara Arts Company, Tara Arts Theatre, Tara Arts Youth Theatre, Tara Arts,Teatr Novogo Fronta, Pro-Progresione, Tara Arts/ Chisenhale Dance Space