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Templeheart seek to profit from films. We select movie projects, we believe, are able to produce great returns on our investment. Templeheart Films are an independent company, who are not attached or tied to any specific film producers. We have freedom to move within the film industry and hand pick projects we like the look of.

Every film we get involved with has widespread appeal for international audiences. Our formula for managing risk and ability to select commercially viable films is second to none.

Simple Formula for Success

Using in-house expertise, Templeheart carefully select and invest in new film projects.
Templeheart inform their members with details of these new projects.
Members can choose to invest in the film if they wish.
Films are completed and distributed.
All parties benefit from successful projects* and share in all profits made from the movie.
Investor - Producer Relationship

Templeheart members who wish to invest in a film are put in direct contact with the movie producers. All contracts are between the investor and producers not Templeheart. This means members keep direct control of who they invest their money with.

Templeheart Films do not charge any fees to invest. All profits earned from a production are returned directly to investors by the producers of the movie.

Keeping You Informed

Templeheart supply all members with detailed information about new film projects.

Templeheart Films update investors throughout the lifetime of a project - from production schedules and dates to visit the sets, to news about the film and information about film premieres, distribution deals and royalty cheques. There is no need to chase producers - Templeheart do it for you!

No Membership Fees

Templeheart charge no membership fees whatsoever to its community of members. Dealing with Templeheart is simple, friendly and free!

Premier Portfolio

The premier portfolio contains detailed information about the current projects you can invest in. If you would like to see the portfolio - please register. Once you have signed up, Templeheart will contact you to discuss how it all works in further detail. We will also provide you with your username and password so you can browse the portfolio at your leisure.

Connected mandy members:

2019, The Tombs: Rise of the Damned, Tanya
The London Bridge Experience
2019, Quail Hollow, Mila/Sunny - Twins
Elizabeth Short
2019, Future TX, Script Supervisor
2019, FUTURE TX, Dylan's Mum
Ria Fend
2018, The Tombs, Excited Fan
The London Bridge Experience & London Tombs
Luke Greenan
2018, Future TX, Best Boy
Akie Kotabe
2017, The Tombs, Sebastian
Lucy Clements
Make-up Artist
2017, Heretiks, Makeup Artist
Rushil Choudhary
Camera Assistant
2016, The Tombs: Rise of the Damned, Focus Puller/1st AC
2016, The Tombs: Rise Of The Damned, Gigi
Olga Gunderich
Graphics Designer
2016, Quail Hollow, Graphic Designer
2016, Ibiza Undead, Maria
Liz Sheard
Costume Designer
2016, Being Keegan, Costume Designer
Charlie Donnelly
Camera Operator
2015, Heretiks, Spark (2nd unit)
Charlie James
Camera Operator
2015, Heretiks, Spark (2nd unit)
Peter Svatik
2014, Ibiza Undead, Barman Bjorn
2014, Ibiza Undead, Supporting Actress
Michael Nowacki
Sound Supervisor
2014, Devils Tower, sound effects editor
Jo Bispham
Actor, Dancer
2013, Ibiza Undead, Podium Dancer
Michael Wagg
2013, Ibiza Undead, Torval

Templeheart Films Jobs

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Alternative Company Names

Northern Girl Productions / Templeheart Films, Press On Features / Templeheart Films