The Brooklyn Brothers (Marketing, Advertising)

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The Brooklyn Brothers started life in 2001 and we now have three offices in our mini-global empire: in New York, London and Brazil. None of them, incidentally, are in Brooklyn but our name is a story for a different day.
Unsurprisingly, a lot has changed since we opened our doors.

There’s been the fragmentation and time-shifting of media, the emergence of user-generated content and, of course, the rise and rise of social networking – to name just three of the most pervasive paradigms.

The lesson we’ve taken from this seismic shift in communications is that brands can no longer simply buy an audience; they have to earn their own. And that critical difference is what informs all of our work.

In the past decade, we’ve had to become expert not just in the field of advertising and marketing but in the field of creativity.

At one time or another we’ve taken on the role of entertainers, journalists, bloggers, comedians, artists, filmmakers, impresarios, authors, designers, fashionistas, chocolatiers, musicians and architects. Or we’ve hired them.

In the process, we’ve built brands from scratch. We’ve reinvigorated old ones. And we’ve propelled even successful brands into double digit growth.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect about working in our field right now is you have to do everything. But then the most exciting aspect about working in our field right now is you have to do everything.

It is all an adventure.

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