Tradesecrets (Organisational development)

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Who we are
tradesecrets transforms businesses with a fresh approach to organisational development and change. Formed in 1996, we apply insights from the creative arts, particularly the theatre, to enhance the way people think and act at work.
What we do
Over the past ten years, successful companies have come to recognise the short term impact of development programmes. Programmes that in the main acknowledge the benefit and power of healthy teams working together.
Our approach builds on this activity and recognises that the creative arts can be an effective means of bringing to life dull or difficult issues and through the use of humour can help highlight the need for change (offer more than just evenings of song and dance at the odd special corporate function.)
Using artists from all the creative disciplines who bring fresh energy, enthusiasm and insights into corporate working practices we help individuals and teams at all levels interact and communicate key messages in a more dynamic and impactful way.

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