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Damien Kage studied fdsc Film and TV production and Directors foundation degree in Nottingham and London United Kingdom , he is best know for being a Director, writer and producer.

Connected mandy members:

2022, The Surbordinate (Filming 2022), Mileena - Lead Antagonist Role
Mariana Gkila
2022, The Subordinate, Itzel Rios
2022, Deadline - Action| Sci Fic, Hierarchies Apprentice / Supporting Role (Filming 2023)
2022, Deadline, SAPPHIRE
2022, CASE FILES (Filming 2022), Merrie-Celeste - Co Lead
London / Manchester / Nottingham
Pawel Roman
2022, Case Files, Kreepa
2021, Case Files, The Stranger
Carmen Silva
2020, Deadline (filming), Felicia
Carmen Silva
2020, Case Files (post-production), Agent Alexis Gwynn
2020, Case Files, Lead Actress - Leah
2020, Case Files, E.G.I Shannon Walker (young) / Supporting Role
2020, Case Files, Agent Alex Scott
Troy Tipple
2020, Case Files, Child Kreepa
Zara Best
2019, La Nina Maligna, Libby
2019, Deadline, Natalia (lead)
2018, kreeper case file IMDb, Zombie kreeper and SFX make up
2018, Deadline, Thunder
2018, Case Files, Netflix series, Actress, Danielle
Nottingham, various
2018, Case Files 2018, Fill in for the lead, Angela Kage
2018, Case Files, Fast Kreepa / Regenerator Kreepa
King George V Recreation Ground

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