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Rival Commercial Channel to Republic of Ireland's RTE.Broadcasts homegrown shows including frequent News Bullitons,Documentry,Breakfast TV and Reality TV.Also broadcasts programmes produced in UK and the US.

Connected mandy members:

2014, Promo for "Hele Norge Baker" (Norwegian version of Great British Bake-Off), Posh Girl
Xavier Roca
Camera Operator (HD)
2014, News and Reports, Cameraman/Editor
2014, Irish Greatest Robberies, Henchman
Kirke Kurusk
Make-up Artist
2014, HEITLUS, makeup artist, hairstylist
Lauma Balode
2014, FIRE, Main nurse
Gidy amazona Baadilla
Graphics Operator
Oriol Campi
Sound Recordist
2013, tartistes, Sound Recordist
Desiree Greiner
Make-up Artist
2013, Irish Bake Off, Hair and Makeup artist
Cristòfol Oliver
Writer / Director
2012, TV3, ENG
2012, Jono and Ben at 10, Locker Girl
2012, Dzīves Krustcelēs, Supportive best friend of the lead role
Fiona Malone
2012, Champions League, Soccer Mom
2012, 3 News, Television Reporter (intern)
Fiona Malone
2012, 24 Hours to Kill, Ann Clouskey
Maeve Byrne
Make-up Artist
2011, TV3 - "Hen Nights", Featured make up artist
2011, Strictly Irish Dancing, Voive over for documentary
Paul Shyan
2011, Para Normal News, Producer/director
2011, La Riera, Doctor
Ott Kartau
2011, Kodu Keset Linna, Eduard
2011, Ireland AM, Yoga Model

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