TVE - Television for the Environment (Production Company)

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tve works with partners globally to make and distribute films that inspire change. We create relevant and compelling content on environment and development for audiences worldwide. Our television productions reach 274 million homes in 170 countries and millions more viewers through the internet and our partners.

We are committed to quality, integrity and editorial independence.

2009 marks tve's 25th anniversary of making, co-producing and commissioning groundbreaking films. Today our flagship series include Earth Report, the longest-running environmental series on global television, and Life which highlights stories of how different countries, communities and individuals are responding to the challenges of globalisation. We are co-producers of Element which we make for MTV, and we work with filmmakers globally to keep the spotlight on women's rights through the Broadcasting for Change network which tve set up in 1995. Other productions include broadcast debates for global audiences, multimedia projects and series produced by regional film makers for audiences in Africa and Latin America.

And once we have made the films we work with global broadcasters including BBC World, and with our 50 partners to make sure they reach as many viewers in as many countries and as many languages as possible.

tve is a UK registered charity, originally set up by Central TV, the UN Environment Programme and WWF-UK. We receive unrestricted funding support from both individuals and organisations including Christian Aid, Friends of tve, Islamic Relief UK, Oxfam Novib, UN-HABITAT, World Vision and WWF. Funding for our individual projects comes from a wide range of organisations and commissioners.

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