Twofour Broadcast (Production Company)

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Twofour Broadcast supplies programming to all the UK terrestrial channels - BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five - as well as Sky, LIVING, Discovery and a variety of other digital and international channels.

The company is known for its wide range of factual entertainment and lifestyle programming. It is currently producing a fifth series of The Hotel Inspector for Five, Are You Smarter Than A Ten Year Old? for Sky 1, Big Chef Takes On Little with Heston Blumenthal for Channel 4, a second series of Make My Body Younger, which uses high tech graphics to give young party lovers a living autopsy, for BBC Three and On Thin Ice, a five part documentary of TV presenter Ben Fogle and Olympic medalist James Cracknell’s race to the South Pole for BBC TWO. Recent credits include Britain’s Best Drives with Richard Wilson for BBC Four and the RTS and Broadcast award-winning Estate We’re In for BBC One. Dramas, quizzes and property shows are all in the pipeline.

Twofour has embraced the world of convergent TV producing content for distribution to mobiles and online. It has also developed a very successful advertiser funded programming team and is one of the largest producers of branded programming in the country - working with major brands including Philips, Audi, the British Heart Foundation, Epson and the Home Office.

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    Alternative Company Names

    • TwoFourProductions
    • Twofour Group
    • TwoFour Broadcast (Plymouth)
    • TwoFour - ITV2
    • TwoFour
    • Twofour
    • Two Four Productions Plymouth
    • Two Four Productions
    • Two Four Productions
    • Two Four Group London
    • The Rocket Science Group
    • Rocket Science
    • 2-4 Productions London