Urban Myth Productions Ltd (Production Company)

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Urban Myth Productions is a smart and dynamic London-based film production company.

We develop and produce compelling, high-quality feature films for a global audience.

We are motivated by engaging, character driven stories that will resonate with wide audiences.

We produce films internally and also with external partners as co-productions.

Founded in 2003 by Hannah Judah (Producer), Urban Myth has developed a reputation for making the impossible happen. Using this experience to benefit others, Urban Myth specialise in two main areas, production consultancy and production services.

Our experienced and creative team of lateral thinkers can tackle any problems tricky productions throw their way to ensure success at every stage from concept to release.

The pool of talent we have at our finger tips also ensures that films are successfully completed on time, within budget, professionally, and most importantly, with minimal disruption.

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Alternative Company Names

  • Urban Myth Productions Limited
  • Urban Myth Productions
  • Urban Myth