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Vocal Futures is developing a model designed to overcome young people’s perceived disinterest, distrust and dissent in classical music and open the door to the possibility of becoming a lifelong audience member. Each strand will create opportunities for understanding and participation.

Connected mandy members:

Laura Barton
Deputy Stage Manager
2015, The Choice, SM on the book
Britten Theatre, RCM
Claire Litton
Deputy Stage Manager
2015, The Choice, Assistant Stage Manager
Britten Theatre, Royal College of Music
2013, Creation, Actor
Ambika P3
Jennifer Hunting
Stage Manager
2011, The Matthew Passion, Assistant Stage Manager
Ambika P3
Katherine McGowan
Stage Manager
2011, St. Matthew's Passion, Assistant Stage Manager/ Stage Manager Cover
Ambika P3, Westminster University.
Lisa Rust
Art Director
2011, st matthews passion, prop/art department
Kady Howey Nunn
Set Designer
2011, St Matthew's Passion, Assistant Designer
P3, Westminster University
Lisa Rust
Artistic Director
2011, st matthew passion. opera, prop/art department
college of westminster
2011, St Matthew Passion, Apostle
Ambika P3
2011, St Matthew Passion, Actor Ensemble
Ambika 3
Fernando Pinho
Stage Manager
2011, St Mathew Passion, Stage Manager (on the book)
Ambika P3, London
2011, Matthew Passion, James, son of Zebedee
Ambika P3
David Wade
2011, Matthew passion, apostle
Embika P3
2011, Bach's Matthew Passion, Disciple

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