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Connected mandy members:

Frances Hallett
Costume Supervisor
2021, Waitrose Christmas Advert, Costume Assisstant
Zya St Louis
2021, Itv documentary trailer, Hero child
Ian Bonham
Voice Over: English
2021, COVID19 safety announcements (amongst others), Announcer
Lavinia Mioni Ratsch
Camera Assistant
2020, Waitrose - internal comercial video, Camera Assistant
Harry Perkins
Customer Service
2020, 8, Customer service supervisor
Drew Lawrence
Director of Photography
2019, Waitrose Scrumptious Summer 2019, Lighting Camera
Alex D'Cruze
2019, Waitrose, child at party
Zohair Khan
2019, Retail, Supermarket Assistant
2018, Waitrose Supermarket, Boy in crowd
Cordelia McGowan
Voice Over: English
2018, Waitrose Christmas commercials, Carol concert attendee and speech audience
Alex Moghaddam
Editor (Offline)
2018, Waitrose, Customer service
2018, Annie, Lead
Wendy Quintana
Production Designer
2017, Waitrose, Set & fashion stylist
2017, Fish Family, Main Role
Joe Mazzei
2016, Working for the Man, Supermarket Assistant
2016, Asian Ready Meal Range, Hero Hand Model
2015, Whatever makes your Christmas, College Son
Hazel Finn
2015, Waitrose Nappies (Pull Ups), Model
2015, Waitrose Christmas Tv Advert, Fiancee
2015, Review of Year 2015, Shopper & hand model

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