White Horse Theatre Company (Theatre)

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WHITE HORSE THEATRE was founded in 1978 in Somerset, South-West England. Originally the company consisted of a small ensemble of actors, performing in schools and theatres, and also giving pub and street performances. In 1980 White Horse Theatre was invited to tour Germany for the first time, and since 1985 the company has been based in Germany, and has specialised in the performance of professional theatre as an aid in the teaching of the English language. As demand for the company's work has increased, White Horse Theatre has grown to become Europe's largest professional educational touring theatre, employing more than fifty people and performing to over 350.000 people per year.

It is the company's artistic policy to make their productions at all times visually entertaining, so that even those with a limited grasp of the langage can enjoy the play. Scenery is kept to a minimum so that the performances can fit into any acting-space; the accent is on the strength and versatility of the actors, and on direct contact with the audience. Prominent directors and designers from England work with the company, and the actors are selected from over 400 applications each year.

The company's name refers to the White Horse symbol which was the banner of the Anglo-Saxon invaders who travelled from Germany to Britain 1500 years ago. The White Horse has remained the badge of Westfalen (where the company is now based) and also of Kent (the English county where the Anglo-Saxons first landed, and where Peter Griffith, White Horse Theatre's founder, was born). The company name thus reminds us of the common origin of the English and German peoples, and of the links between the two countries.

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Alternative Company Names

  • Whitehorse rep theatre
  • White Horse Theatre, Michael Dray
  • white horse theatre co.
  • white horse theatre co
  • White Horse Theatre
  • White Horse Theater
  • white horse tc
  • White Horse