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WMI Pictures is a York based film production company. As a small no-budget company they cannot compete with large film productions – so they don’t. They offer something else. They offer small, intimate productions and rely on creativity and the willingness of those involved to help out. If you’re on the production it’s because you want to be there and you care about the film. Nobody is in this for the money. There’s not some businessman at the top of this pyramid reaping the rewards of others hard work. If the film is a success, it’s a success for everyone.

They hope that like them you have a love of cinema and a desire to make great, original films.

Connected mandy members:

2008, The Wretched, Writer/Director
2007, The Wretched, David
Martin Logan
2007, The Wretched, Ricky
Joanna Bond
2007, The Wretched, Rebecca (lead)
2004, Sharkboy, Writer/Director

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