Wyld Stallyons (Production Company)

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Wyld Stallyons was born on the first of October 2006. Comprised of directors Jason Arber and Chris Sayer, and producers Natalie Busuttil and Janey Robinson, Wyld Stallions create moving image work for the music, broadcast and advertising industries.

In 2011, Wyld Stallyons were joined by a new roster of directors: Pete Mellor (Peepshow Collective), Silvia Casali (Niceshit), Mark Walker, Pierre Magnol (Bright Photon) and Jack Pirie and Alex Hylands-White (Halcyon Nights).

Their clients include ITV, Channel 4, Five, BMW Sauber, MTV Networks, Honda, Wolff Olins, Philips, Ministry of Sound, World Wildlife Fund, Bacardi, Haymarket, Lascivious and VH1. We have collaborated with many illustrators such as Elliot Thoburn, Jon Burgerman and Bob Staake, and our work has been featured in Pictoplasma, OFFF and onedotzero.

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    Alternative Company Names

    • Wyld Stallyons Studios