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We are a motley group of friends and former co-workers who decided to come together using our different talents and experiences and do something a bit different. Our driving motivation has always been on providing a great product that will impact our clients presence on the web. It could be an outstanding website that is mobile ready, email marketing solutions, or high search rankings. We truly believe that the web provides a great opportunity for local brands and companies to achieve success far beyond their normal reach in a digital world.

Connected mandy members:

2018, Online Security Training Video, Hacker
Nicky Campbell
Actor, Dancer
2017, SDL Auctions Corporate Video, House buyer
2017, Medical Interview Techniques Film, Student nurse
Kate Taylor-Marshall
Voice Over: English
2016, Network Rail Promotional Film - Birmingham New Street Station, Kate
Kate Taylor-Marshall
Actor, Talent, Singer
2016, Network Rail Corporate Film - Birmingham New Street Station, Kate
2016, Network Rail Corporate Film, Young Woman
Birmingham New Street Station
2016, Network Rail Corporate, Friend/Diner
KIngs Cross Station London
Eleanor Ham
2016, Mobile Retrospective Film, School Girl
Farnborough Academy, Clifton, Nottinghamshire
Sean Corey
2016, If You See Something...., Richard
Andrew Fitch
Voice Over: English
2016, 'Don't Just Block It Out' - Impero Software web film, Teacher
Andrew Fitch
2016, 'Don't Just Block It Out' - Impero Software web film, Teacher
2015, Travel Safety, Donna (suicidal woman)
Lisa Chiu
2015, TFL, Mary
2015, Safety Film Gloucester, Young Women
Gloucester Station
2015, safety film for London Underground, film extra, commuter
Marie Myrie
2015, Network Rail, Rock Climber
Vauxhall Climbing Centre
2015, Network Rail, Female diner role
Mission Bar
Ben Grant
2015, Leisure Film #3, Well Dressed Professional Male
2015, Leisure Film, Laura
Isabella st, London
Andrew Fitch
2015, 'Signals' - London Underground Suicide Awareness & Support Film, Simon (Young dad)

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