Edward Wills

    • Special Effects Supervisor
    • Prop Maker



YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
2009 - 2010Special effects designer/ makeup/ sculptor
Film (Feature)
Tony Jopia
Spooked Films
2007Additional prosthetics designer/ sculptor
Film (Docu)
The Saint and The Hanged Man
Sue Horth
Hardy and Sons
2006Holy finger sculptor
Film (Feature)
Medieval Hiest
Justin Hardy
Hardy and Sons (for BBC4)
2010 - 2001Principle subject and artist
Film (Docu)
The Biz, A Life In The Arts (Edward Wills)
Christopher Swann
Christopher Swann Associates
  • Education

    1989Fine ArtUniversity of Reading
    1989Fine ArtWinchester, Byam Shaw, Reading Uni

    About me

    Professional artist with work world wide (portraiture, conceptual) in 2 and 3D. Special effects designer and sculptor for film and television, specializing in living forms, producing very high degrees of realism and production values. Specialized cold casting. Extensive materials and technical knowledge as well as medical knowledge.


    Tony Jopia, Hauke Richter, James Lewis.

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    • English
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    • Arts
    • Film (Feature)
    • Television
    • Standard Driving (PLG)
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    • Arts
    • Documentary
    • Film (Feature)
    • Investigative
    • Television
    Years in industry
    • 6+ years

    Professional Recommendations

    Jeremy Stephens Producer

    A joy to work with; his creations are just amazing as is he.

    Michelle Crooks Make-up Artist

    Edward wills is a highly skilled sculptor and an outstanding artist who has art peices all over the world!!.. so to work with him was a great honor. I met edward on the set of DeadTime where he was head and chief designer of sfx, we worked closely together and some of the work he produced was very complex in the time we had casting, building prosthetics, mixing and making gallons of the best bood and gore i've seen to manic onset repairs!!!....but all his skills proved to be very realistic and spooked everyone out which is an insight of how fantastic edward 's work is . He is a warm, extremley funny charming old fashioned gentlemen the best preson to have on night shoots!!.. an extremley hard worker and professional at all times,a lover of the arts and anything creative or challenging Edward was a pleasure to work with and I have learnt a lot from him and will be a long life friend, any one who is lucky enough to work with edward I know will totally agree !!

    Natalie Morgan Costume Designer

    Mr Wills is a highly skilled,resourceful and creative individual.His work is of such a high standard and His helpful and dedicated nature makes him such an exceptional character to have on set and involved in all stages of a production.