Emily Hyslop


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YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
2013 - 2020Full Time Editor
Live Event
Full Time Editor
Gavin Alexander
Gavsy Media
  • Education

    2014BA Honours Degree Film & Television Production: DocumentaryUniversity of Hertfordshire
    2012Foundation Degree Film & Television ProductionUniversity of Hertfordshire
    2010Film & Television ProductionOakland's College

    About me

    I have had a passion for film editing since the age of 12, where I discovered Windows Movie Maker on my family computer. My passion for making films has only ever grown stronger and is something I know I will never stop. Since leaving school in 2008 I have spent 6 years in film and television production Education and 7 years employed as a full - time film editor for a production company. Examples of films I have worked on for this company make up a majority of my showreel, which I have uploaded to my Mandy Profile. During my years working as a professional editor, I have also directed a number of films, working closely with very high-end clients and have also had a lot of experience of filming events/documentaries/music videos/Charity films mostly shooting on DSLR cameras.

    Additional Information

    Through the nature of my job and the years of experience I have, I am now a highly efficient editor who can turn over films very quickly and efficiently. I am more than capable of meeting tight deadlines and working under pressure. I have had a lot of experience of working with clients to achieve their desired film exactly how they want it and in addition to this I am also highly capable of taking the creative lead on a project when the desired outcome of a film isn't necessarily known to the client. I am very experienced in dealing with hours upon hours of footage and throughout my career have been very much trusted by my boss to take the lead on projects with very minimal and often no direction. I have been responsible for having meetings with clients on my own and can work efficiently with clients to make any amendments they may require too.


    I am happy to provide my employers details upon request.

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    • 6+ years
    • Standard Driving (PLG)
    DBS checked
    • No
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    • Corporate
    • Documentary
    • Film (Short)
    • Music
    • Music Promo
    Driving Licences
    • Standard
    Own a car?
    • Yes