György László


YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
Film (LB)
Andy Banjanin
Really Bright Media
Film (Short)
Jordan McGibney and Rebecca McGibney
McGibney Productions
Film (Short)
Killing My Girl
Tasos Giapoutzis
Tasos Giapoutzis
2013Wooden Castles
Music Video
Gerard and The Watchmen / Wooden Castles
George Ancock
George Ancock
2012 - 2013Cinematographer
Without Doubt
Vita Gottlieb
Vita Gottlieb
Film (Short)
Jack Tennant
Jack Tennant
Range Rover Evoque
Bosworth Acres-Debenham
Kahn Design
2009 - 2012Cinematographer
Film (Docu)
Wittgenstein's Century
Radovan Sibrt
Czech TV, FAMU
2011 - 2012Cinematographer
Film (Short)
Vladimír Kovář
FAMU, Vladimir Kovar
2009 - 2010Cinematographer
Film (Short)
Day of the Dragon
Michal Reich
Michal Reich, Flamesite, Famu
Film (Student)
Vladimír Kovář
FAMU University, EMD Films
  • Education

    2011M.A. at the Department of CinematographyFAMU, Prague, Czech Republic
    2009B.A. at the Department of CinematographyFAMU, Prague, Czech Republic


    I own (and can operate):
    Arri Alexa Mini, Cooke S4mini primes (18mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm), Arri WCU-4 wireless follow focus unit, Canon 5D Mark III, Canon C200
    I can operate:
    Red MX, Arri Alexa, Red Epic, Canon C300

    About me

    showreel, examples of recent work and everything that's relevant about me at

    Additional Information

    I am a 'hybrid' cinematographer. I was raised on the magic of 35mm and 16mm film and I try to tell stories with light and movement based on that even for digital media. I come from a strong documentary background. The ability to observe and analyze scenes for visual and dramatic content fast, make the best use of available light and being used working under tight time constraints are traits that I bring to all my projects, including my studio work. I am communicative, passionate about my work, and always full of initiative.

  • Skills

    Languages Spoken
    • Czech
    • English
    • Hungarian
    DBS checked
    • Yes
    Interested in
    • Biography
    • Commercials
    • Corporate
    • Documentary
    • Film (Feature)
    • Film (Short)
    • Music
    • Natural History
    • Sport
    • Television
    • Standard Driving (PLG)
    Experienced in
    • Commercials
    • Corporate
    • Documentary
    • Film (Feature)
    • Film (Short)
    • Travel
    Years in industry
    • 6+ years
    Organization/Union Membership
    • Shooting People (UK)

    Professional Recommendations

    Jack Tennant Director

    György is an excellent DOP. I am a visually educated director, who can be hard to please in photography terms but György's (or George's) composition, lighting and camera movement are all excellent. He is also committed and willing to put in at preproduction stage, the much needed effort that makes a production shine. I value his collaboration and now friendship, highly.

    Marek Polaszewski Lighting Cameraperson

    I've met Gyuri on one of music video sets, where I was his camera assistant. Since then I worked with him on a few other sets and I can fully recommend him as DoP who you can always learn from. Very dedicated to the story, confident with the equipment, great knowledge in both film and digital world.And during lunch breaks he's a good fellow to chat with!

    Jack Tennant Director

    György (or George) has lots of talent. I am a visual minded director and our collaborations have been very fruitful. Trust in a DOP is - in my experience - integral, with György that trust is well placed. His composition, lighting, camera movement, work ethic, leadership and professionalism are all excellent. I would like to keep György all to myself but he would be an asset on any set.