Isabel Morgan


YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
2019Crew Staff
Live Event
LCR Live Music Shows (Various)UEA(su)
2018 - 2019Director, Costume+Prop Supervisor
Theatre Production
Bouncers & Shakers, God in a Box, Tokophobia
Minotaur Theatre Company
2018 - 2019President
Minotaur Theatre CompanyMinotaur Theatre Company
2018Writer/Director/Set+Wardrobe Supervisor
Theatre Production
Minotaur Theatre Company
Theatre Production
Christmas Crumble
Polly Pullen & Myself
UEA Drama Society
  • Education

    2020BA DramaUniversity of East Anglia

    About me

    I am a diligent, ambitious and adaptive person, and aim to pursue a career in the theatre, television and film industry. I have just finished my tenure as Minotaur Theatre Company President and my second year of University, and am looking for opportunities over the summer. I’m a natural and respected leader; as President of Minotaur Theatre Company I led a 150-strong company, co-ordinated with a committee, and liaised with numerous directors and establishments. Furthermore I was responsible for overseeing and prod-managing 7 shows, 1 musical, and 2 festivals during that time.

    I have a significant amount of experience directing. I have directed three short student-written productions (2 comedies, 1 drama), as well as a rendition of Godber and Thornton's Bouncers and Shakers, and have even written and directed a show for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. For which I also arranged marketing, fundraising and costuming/set for.

    I also have a keen eye for the technical and production elements of both film and theatre. I have completed training courses on lighting design/operation, sound design/operation, filmmaking and editing, radio production, costume design and making, and set design. Finally I have had experience in radio presenting having been part of a radio talk show for a number of months and practical experience as a lighting operator, having teched multiple shows.

    Additional Information

    I’ve always been passionate about fashion and costume. Having studied textiles and costuming at school and University I have a keen interest in researching, designing, and creating clothes for multiple styles. Furthermore, I am often revamping and remaking garments and accessories of my own. Altogether this has given me a keen eye and understanding of what is complimentary when building an outfit for a range of occasions and body types. Furthermore I have acted as Wardrobe Supervisor and Costume Finder for multiple shows.

    For my Fringe show I develop excellent team working skills. Me and my team organised and publicised multiple fundraiser events. Additionally, we spent a month working in close proximity every day to rehearse, promote and perform the piece. Therefore, I have developed excellent team working skills of co-reliance, emotional intelligence and communication. When collaborating in drama I’ve built trusting relationships and learnt effective conflict resolution.


    Tim Lawrence-Cave (Academic Reference) - **contact removed** | **contact removed** Nancy O'Melia (Minotaur Theatre Company VP) - **contact removed** | **contact removed**

  • Skills

    Years in industry
    • 1 to 3 years
    Experienced in
    • Arts
    • Film (Short)
    DBS checked
    • No