James Barber


YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
2019Editor and motion graphics
Heathrow WifiHavas London
  • Education

    2004BA(DA) and FilmUniversity of the Witwatersrand

    About me

    I'm a multi-skilled filmmaker with 16 years of experience.

    I'm sought after for my creativity, versatility, and my ability to burn away creative mess, distilling ideas.

    In a full-circle journey, I spent the first two years after my Film/Drama degree writing, directing and producing in a successful start-up production company in Johannesburg. Then moved to two different countries, have been working in post-production largely for large advertising agencies, and occasionally smaller and medium sized production companies.

    Additional Information

    I'm highly multi-skilled.

    As an editor, colourist and after effects generalist, I've edited and graded hundreds of videos for major ad agencies and brands.

    I've worked as a VFX editor and understand high-end VFX workflows.

    As a DoP/AC, I was shooting award winning films and ads fifteen years ago and am even more skilled now, due to working with a variety of incredibly skilled DoPs over the years.

    As a writer/director, I've made films that flew me to New York for film festivals, won some awards, and have a 1mil+ view video under my belt, along with a new short thriller film making its way into festivals soon.

    It's a rare combination of skills that I have gathered over the years; I believe it adds up to sum greater than its parts, in someone who can effectively guide all parts of a production.


    Available on request.

  • Skills

    Years in industry
    • 6+ years
    • Diving (PADI)
    • Public Liablity Insurance
    • Standard Driving (PLG)
    DBS checked
    • No
    Languages Spoken
    • English
    Interested in
    • Documentary
    • Film (Feature)
    • Television
    Experienced in
    • Animation
    • Comedy
    • Commercials
    • Corporate
    • Documentary
    • Mobile Phone Content
    • Television
    Driving Licences
    • Standard
    Own a car?
    • No