Joao Duarte

    • Screenwriter
    • Editor (Final Cut Pro)



YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
2016Screenwriter/Script Supervisor
Film (Student)
Helena Estrela
Lisbon Theatre and Film School
  • Education

    2016ScreenwritingLisbon Theatre and Film School

    About me

    I used to dream about big things for me, about wanting something more out of life than the rest of my family.

    I figured I wanted something they didn't have.

    I liked films and books from a very early age just because there was something palpable to them, they seemed to know more about reality than reality itself showed me.

    I came to grips with the fact that it took a lot more effort than I had ever put into anything to just get out there and start doing some of that stuff on my own, but I did it anyway.

    I wrote screenplays, shot them with some friends, edited them, and then would show them at the local theatre of my hometown. I decided to do films for a living, went to film school and graduated back in 2016 with a degree in Editing and Screenwriting.

    I just want to film stuff, to branch out and be a part of the medium.

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    • less than a year
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    • Portuguese
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    • Arts
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    • Documentary
    • Drama Reconstruction
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    • Arts
    • Documentary
    • Film (Short)
    • Television
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