Jordan Luke

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YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
2014Sound Assistant
Television / TV
  • Education

    2015Filmmaking and Creative MediasUniversity of the West of England

    About me

    I'm a passionate person that loves all things film, I'm relaxed and low maintenance individual. I rarely get stressed under pressure, and my peers say that I manage to remain neutral no matter the situation making me unbiased. I love people and getting to know what makes them tick.


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    Joshua Wakley - Collegue

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    Additional Information

    I studied at the University of the West of England, doing a Filmmaking and Creative Medias Degree, I specialised in post-production. I mainly specialised in Sound with a focus on dubbing mixing, which I spent most of my time in a dubbing theatre or sound design lab. However because we didn’t have many student interested in post myself and a few other students made sure that we knew all about the post workflow and how it all worked. I love the technologies of sound, video and colour grading. I assisted in many vital areas of my recent projects from scripting to offline video editing and final to sound editing, realising the importance of each step.

    In my projects, because we had such small crews we all pitched together to find locations for filming, myself being from Bristol gave me a home field advantage so I really know the areas well. I’ve been on larger shoots where I’ve normally been a sound specialist on set working with a team, sometimes in charge, sometimes not. And small shoots where I’ve had to do filming and sound by myself. I love both for different reasons. I think that if you get a task to do, and that’s your only task you can really get the best out of yourself with that kind of focus. But if you’ve got a small crew you can get a lot done and really focus on what matters; the film. A large crew can sometimes distract you from what really matters.

    Music and Sound has always been a passion of mine, I specialised in sound in University. I love what music can do to a film and I think it’s a vital part of it. I have connections around the south west with a lot of young and aspiring artist that always love to get involved with film and television. It’s exciting what the film and music industry can do to help each other out.

    For 5 years I’ve been working part time in a supermarket. I worked on a Produce department and as a Team Leader for a Deli department. Throughout my time in that job I’ve been able to work efficiently within a 5-10 person team, and to run and manage these people to make it praised by the higher-ups. I take pride in knowing that my efforts really make everyone happy and to work the best that they could. I strived for respect with my colleagues and loved to really have great relationships with them, I personally think that’s how you get the best out of a person.

    I’m a very relaxed and low maintenance individual. I very rarely get stressed under pressure, and my peers say that I manage to remain neutral no matter the situation making me unbiased. I love people and getting to know what makes them tick. I think that all my skills pooled will make me a fantastic candidate for the position.

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    • AMPS (UK)