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YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
2014 - 2016Producer
Film (Feature)
The Old Hag Syndrome
Victor Salva
One Eyed Dog Films
2015Assistant Producer
Film (Feature)
Aubrey Reynolds
One Eyed Dog Films
2014 - 2015Assistant Producer
Film (Feature)
Stabat Mater
Tova Asher
One Eyed Dog Films
2011 - 2012Writer/Producer
Film (Short)
To meet it with awe
David Luke Rees
Delve Deeply Productions
  • Education

    2014English LiteratureUniversity of Surrey

    About me

    Firstly, let's get the formal stuff out of the way: I have an extensive and far-reaching variety of experiences in film and media, all of which began in 2011 with my first short To Meet It With Awe - premiered in the HMV Curzon and accepted into the long list for the B.A.F.T.A short film awards. Shot on location in Norway and on a budget of £9,000, it was an artistic and financial feat, especially considering I was in my first year at Surrey University.

    My first class degree in English Literature has been and always will be a valuable achievement. It taught me a priceless skill set, including: the ability to proof read, analyse, gather information, create comprehensive arguments and original written content.

    Since my time at University I have worked non stop in the creative industry. I have written and produced within a number of different mediums, including: t.v commercials, online content, branded content, a t.v series (currently in talks with Hardy, Son & Baker) and more recently two feature film projects, one of which is fully funded and set to be shot in 2017, the second of which is to be produced by Bennett McGhee (a B.A.F.T.A winner for the film Brooklyn).

    My roles within companies have ranged from Runner (Warner Bros) all the way up to Producer in a feature film company (One Eyed Dog Films). However, my expertise lies within the creative side of production. As a Creative Writer within River Film I found my niche. My confidence grew, as did my skill. Eventually, I was placed in a two person creative team to generate and oversee all the creative output of the company.

    Each experience has given me a new perspective and an excellent insight into the written word and its role within the ever changing world of today.

    So, now I have formally introduced myself in terms of experience and skill set I would like to informally introduce myself in terms of, well...the rest: I am Maddy, an extremely ambitious and zealous young woman. With a keen passion for the written word - I would go as far to say it's our greatest achievement - and an addiction to anything creative, I am constantly learning, constantly striving and always writing. I create poetry, screen plays, short stories, reviews, treatments, all with style, skill and enthusiasm. I am a team player but I love to knuckle down and get things done. All in all I'm Maddy, a creator of original and exciting content and it's been a pleasure.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


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