Marie-Anne Fischer


YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
Film (Short)
Arrivederci rosa
Flaminia Graziadei
LonRom Films
2014Composer additional music
Television / TV
50 Golden Years of Sport on BBC Two
Colin Stone
Film (Feature)
The Final Haunting
Flaminia Graziadei
LonRom Films
Film (Short)
Flaminia Graziadei
LonRom Films
The Rain Maker
Adalynn Martinez
Adalynn Martinez
2013Composer for 'Manhunt', 'Stakeout', 'Ambient', 'Horror', 'Conspyramid', 'Captured'
'Dust and Mirrors', Soundtrack for Night's Black Agents
Simon Rogers
Pelgrane Press Ltd
2013Composer: additional music
Film (Feature)
The Book of Jane
Antero Alli
Vertical Pool
Film (Short)
I Believe In Monsters
Flaminia Graziadei
LonRom Films
Film (Feature)
Peter Anthony Farren
Monster Island Films
2011Composer for video promo
2011Composer for demo
Haka Pacific Warrior and Tribal LibrarySonokinetic
2011Composer: Additional Music
Film (Feature)
Ready 2 Die
John Azpilicueta
JAGQA Productions
Eternal Lies SuitePelgrane Press ltd
Film (Docu)
Giraffa Camelopardalis
Jacqui Gregory-Warner
Safritel SABC
1994Second Unit Director
Film (Feature)
Marie s'en va t-en guerre
David Delrieux
Dune, France 2 (FR2)
  • Education

    2012Cinematic OrchestrationThinkSpace Education
    2002Diploma in Media Composition

    About me

    Marie-Anne Fischer is a composer based on the outskirts of London and working in film, Television and Games.

    She has recently completed a short film ‘Bee Dee Dee’ and feature film ‘The Final Haunting’ both directed by Flaminia Graziadei. Her music has also recently been placed in various programs on Channel 5.

    She is part of several sample library developer’s team of composers and beta testers. This involves writing demos, scoring video promos, beta testing and video walk throughs. Significant work done working for Sonokinetic, Soundiron, Strezov Sampling, Realitone, Gothic Storm and Cripto Cipher.

    Marie-Anne works on a Mac Pro using Logic X with more than 150 sample libraries ranging from orchestral instruments, to ethnic and synths including some of the latest editing technology plug-ins.

    Currently Director of SCOREcast London, affords Marie-Anne the opportunity to communicate, expand her knowledge and collaborate with artists and composers from all over the world.


    Jacqui Warner: **contact removed**

    Additional Information

    Marie-Anne Fischer wrote and composed the music for a 26 min Educational Documentary on Giraffes called "Camelopardalis" which I produced for the South African Broadcasting Corporation.

    At the time I lived in South Africa and Marie-Anne in America so we communicated via e-mail and phone calls. She wrote the music to the edited pictures and even though every segment had it's own feel, the transitions were seamless.

    Her music added huge production value to the documentary. Marie-Anne has the ability to write and compose music that captures your attention and imagination.

    Her creativity and professionalism can only be an advantage to any project that she's involved in.

    I have full confidence in her and my best wishes accompany her.

    Yours sincerely

    Jacqui Warner

    TV Producer

  • Skills

    Languages Spoken
    • Afrikaans
    • English
    • Flemish
    • French
    DBS checked
    • Yes (within last 12 months)
    Interested in
    • Animation
    • Arts
    • Commercials
    • Documentary
    • Environmental
    • Film (Feature)
    • Film (Short)
    • Music
    • Music Promo
    • Natural History
    • Television
    Experienced in
    • Business
    • Corporate
    • Documentary
    • Music
    • Music Promo
    • Natural History
    • Sport
    • Television
    • Travel
    Years in industry
    • 6+ years
    Organization/Union Membership
    • BASCA (UK)
    • WFTV (UK)