Ryan Gray


YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
2020Director, Animator, VFX Artist
Film (Short)
Gears of War: Outsider - A Short Fan Film
Ryan Gray
RG Productions
2017 - 2020Sales Assistant
  • Education

    2019A-Level - Fine Art (A*), Media Studies (B+), English Literature (C+)Holcombe Grammar School
    2017GCSE - English Literature (7/A), English Language (7/A), Mathematics (6/B), Additional Science (A), Core Science (B), Fine Art (A), Media Studies (A), DT Graphics (B), History (B)Holcombe Grammar School

    About me

    Creativity is at the heart of everything I do. Ever since doing my first trace drawing in Rainbow of Primary School, I have always been inspired by how people can take a concept and create fascination, excitement and wonder in minds of the young and even the old. Everyday, we see something creative that inspires us, and I want to be able to create these things for others to be inspired by and enjoy.

    My dreams within the creative industry have varied over-time. Initially, I was tunnel visioned on being just a Fine Artist, selling work for others to buy; possibly even a concept artist for games. However, as my Secondary School education progressed and my coursework's developed within both GCSE and A-Level, the desire to create imaginative and thrilling film or cinematic pieces became my true ambition. During my Media and Fine Art GCSE and A-Level, I ensured to always include some form of audio-visual work to gain a greater understanding of the processes included during video/film production. Due to this, my ambitions only increased as I grew more hungry to learn more skills and develop my visual aesthetic.

    Within the last two years, these ambitions have lead me to want to become a post-production worker, especially a VFX Artist. When I have always watched films, the fact that whole worlds and universes could be brought to life from nothing always amazed me. Disney movies always left me asking how they made it, and even though I now understand how they make these movies, Marvel movies, Star Wars Movies, Transformers and Avatar all still leave me in complete awe. The creativity within them leave me inspired to work on myself and my creative ambitions to one day give the same feeling to another viewer and possibly spark an ambition in them.

    Since December 2019, I have been using the Blender software to begin to understand the workflow and pipeline of VFX, from modelling to texturing, rigging, animating, and compositing. These are all of course key elements, and within the last 6 months of using the software, I can say that my understanding has increased ten-fold and my skill-set even more. Although of course Blender is not an industry standard tool, the work I have created for a short film I am making to add to my portfolio shows off a range of the skills acquired within the VFX process.

    After finding out not so long ago that Maya can be downloaded for free, I now aim to also learn how to use this software. However, Blender has been great at giving me strong foundation experience within VFX.

    Using Blender and learning the pipeline, my preferred area of work is definitely Animation. Animation sticks out to me as being the core and most interestingly fun part of the pipeline. Without animation, the characters would be non-emotive, T-Posed figures that serve no purpose in telling a story. We as humans develop an understanding of emotion within a scene because of body language; if I was to become an animator, I would be able to create the most direct form of inspiration or emotion within a viewer.

    As an animator, I want to be able to make a film that inspires children just as much as the original Toy Story and Finding Nemo did with me. I want to be able to show how menacing a villain can truly be, just as achieved with countless Marvel Villains, especially Thanos, whose presence does not go un-noticed across the Infinity Saga of the MCU.

    I want to be able to create worlds that people can escape to even when it feels like our world is falling apart around us; creativity prevents insanity.


    Vanya - Team Manager at Morrisons PLC **contact removed** Ruby Mourino - Head of Fine Art at Holcombe Grammar School

    - **contact removed** **contact removed** Andy Anderson - Director and Head of Sixth Form Education at Holcombe Grammar School

    - **contact removed** **contact removed**

  • Skills

    Years in industry
    • less than a year
    • Standard Driving (PLG)
    DBS checked
    • Yes (within last 12 months)
    Languages Spoken
    • English
    Interested in
    • Animation
    • Commercials
    • Digital/Online Campaigns
    • Film (Feature)
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    • Youth TV
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    • Animation
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    • Film (Short)
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    • Standard
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    • Yes