Beth Lewis


YearRole / TypeName of Production / DirectorCompany / Venue
2020Personal Assistant/Design Assistant
Ambrita Shahani-Tuckwell
2018 - 2019Design, Atelier and Sample Coordinator Assistant
  • Education

    2019BA (Hons) Fashion Design WomenswearCentral Sain Martins

    Additional Skills

    Adobe Suite, Microsoft Suite,

    Research Concept Development, 8 years of experience in draping, drafting and, cutting 8 years experience in advanced pattern making, Proficient with sewing machines and overlockers, Hand sewing, and detail-oriented work, Design Development and technical illustrations, Fitting notes and garment specs, I have extremely developed organisation skills and skilled in Printmaking Textile/rug tufting.


    Helena Bean (Previous sample coordinator at Chalayan LLP)

    Phone **contact removed** Email **contact removed**

    Carl M. Neumann (Previous Production assistant at Chalayan LLP)

    Email: **contact removed**

    About me

    I am a multidisciplinary artist and designer, interested in the body, movement, and growth, in relation to behavior, and as a mode of agency - in the context of the expression. 

    My work often centres around the progression of different media, actively following though. I work with a range of different mediums such as Fashion and costume design, furniture, and textile. 

    My background includes working in the luxury design sector, freelance designer, and self-proclaimed furniture designer - I am currently developing a project that involves collaborative efforts to create a collection of chairs that represents the transitions of ‘coming of age’.

    I am looking to build my experience in costume design since graduation from college, where I majored in fashion design - womenswear. Since then I have searched for ways to develop my skillset to open up my opportunities.

  • Skills

    Primary Job Type
    • Designer
    Years in industry
    • 3 to 6 years
    Secondary Job Type
    • Stylist