15 Minutes to Spare

2012, 15 minutes

Sexual Health Campaign

'The 15 Minutes To Spare Campaign' poses the question 'Do you have 15 minutes to spare?' aiming to show young people how 15 minutes can have a dramatic impact on your life from using wearing sexual protection. The campaign will be feature a short film where a young man finds out he potentially has contracted the HIV virus; and the film follows the 15 minutes he has to wait for his results from the sexual health clinic after his checkup. In addition to this we are producing a one minute web viral which tells a story of a sexual encounter through the eyes of a 16 year old male and female in a third and first person narrative. This viral is broken down minute by minute showing how you can contract HIV within a minute of having sex. The web viral will be the main focus of the campaign and will have the support and backing of several charities, celebrities and organisations including SBTV. This campaign will be going on a school, college and youth center workshop tour from October 2012; as well as the viral being shown at different events.

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Carla Morris