51 Degrees

    • 2012 90 minutes

      Filmmaker Damon Miller is left on Earth to capture the End of the World

      Damon Miller is a young filmmaker who is tasked by the UK Space Agency to capture the End of the World with his DSLR video camera. 51 Degrees (aka The Last Days on Earth) is an independent feature film by Grigorij "Greg" Richters. It's not your typical apocalyptic movie as it mainly deals with how Damon Miller (the protagonist) and his relationships, work and daily life are affected by the inevitable destruction instigated by an asteroid heading towards Earth. The story explores the life struggles of German filmmaker Damon Miller who lives and works in London. The movie follows Damon through his daily struggles which become trivial when confronted with the approach of an asteroid. His task is to catalogue the End of the World through a London perspective by using his DSLR camera as a witness.

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