A Snake'S Tail

2006, 74 minutes

Friendship of an Iranian businessman in London with a Mullah, opium addiction and Rumi poetry.

“A Snake’s Tail,” written, acted and directed by Bijan Daneshmand is a film about the quest of a successful Iranian businessman for his roots, his friendship with a Mullah, his addiction to opium and his eventual spiritual awakening. P The film is set in London and is about the relationship between Kami, a forty year old businessman whose father has just passed away, and Agha, the Mullah or Priest who conducts the burial ceremony. The story shows how Agha, an opium addict with a penchant for Persian Sufi poetry, takes Kami, who is distraught by the death of his father, under his wings. During their weekly meetings Agha not only exposes Kami to the beautiful poetry of Rumi and Hafiz but to the euphoric pleasures of opium, the preferred drug of Iranians since time immemorial.

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