A Stab at the Truth

2010, 32 minutes

“A Stab at The Truth” is a different take on the spiralling devastating effect of knife violence.

Jamal a 16-year-old boy lies dying alone in a pool of his own blood after being beaten and stabbed multiple times. His young life rapidly drains out of him. As he takes his last breaths, he calls for his mum to take the pain away and make him feel safe again. His future stolen, who has his blood on their hands? And why? Jamal’s mother and his 15 year old sister Shay, begin an agonising journey of trying to re-build a life without Jamal and living with the knowledge that he was murdered in cold blood and the killer is still not found. After losing her only brother, Shay feels the effects of being a lonely, only child. Her mother unable to console herself let alone her daughter leaves Shay bottled with emotions, un- answered questions and an inability to grieve. In a twist of fate, she meets Ashleigh who becomes her friend, saviour and her means of escapism. With no direction in life, Ashleigh is caught up in a world where only boys, drinking and drugs is all she’s ever known. Through unspoken words, the girls form a friendship where their messed up lives are forgotten and the comfort of having each other is the security they’ve been crying out for. For what seem like they are worlds apart, this uncommon friendship shares more then they dare to think. When Shay finds out some devastating revelation’s about the reasons for her brother’s death, her world and everything she knows turns upside down. Who can she trust? Can Ashleigh help her? Can Ashleigh stop her from seeking revenge? Things shoot out of control for Shay, and best friend Ashleigh. Their lives will never be the same again!

Connected mandy members:

John Weaver
Stacey Kenny
Police Officer #1
Jess Tickner
News Reader
Sharma Walfall
Director and CO-writer
Luca Rudlin
Director of Photography
Camera Operator
Poilce woman