Anglesey Road

2009, 10 minutes

The lives of four mismatched families are turned upside down when a catastrophic event results in the death of a little girl outside their remote terrace.

Four remote terrace houses with four very different tales to tell. The happy young couple in house number one enjoy alone time whilst their young daughter plays joyfully out in the fields with her new kite. In house number two lives a psychotic young woman obsessed with the man next door, her run down home a shrine to him. She is about to commit suicide... In house number three the endless nagging of a chocolate obsessed wife drives her bullied and run-down husband to attempt murder. He sneaks up behind her, enraged, kitchen knife in hand... In house number four a frail woman sporting a black eye sits nervously glued to her television as her violent boyfriend sneaks up stairs to rape her young daughter. As all these dramatic events unfold they are all halted in their tracks at the last second by a huge explosion in the field. The little girl is dead... the bizarre, surreal and devastating incident will change all their lives forever.

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Robyn Cooper
Tom Kay
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