Arrivederci rosa / Goodbye Rosa

2015, 25 minutes

Andi will discover that it's not about being straight, being gay or being Rosa. It's about being true.

School and college friends from Rome, Andi loves Rosa in all her beauty and life-force. When Rosa arrives in London for the week-end to visit her friend, Andi, remembering the many nights she sat wallflower- like in straight clubs while Rosa partied like it was 1999, decides her old friend owes her one and asks her to come with her to a Gay Speed Dating Night. Even without a word of English, Rosa proves she is Queen of the Lesbian scene, while Andi bores her dates senseless with her serious, academic take on life, and ends up alone again. Naturally. As she looks on in frustration and awe, she realises that it is not her impossible crush on her friend which is stymieing her chance of love after all. And if she can accept she will never be the life and soul of the party she may find that being her own life and soul could bring her unexpected rewards.

Connected mandy members:

Rosa/leadrole (BEST ACTRESS nomination)
Pauline Lam
Script Supervisor
Ashleigh Mills
Make-up Artist
Make-up Artist (Head of Department)
Cab Driver,Alex Grotchowska (Lead)
Sergio Recchia
Editor (Offline)
Film editor