As You Like It

2009, 90 minutes

Modern Adaptaion of Shakespeare's Tale

Students from a city high school are on a field trip when the suspended Rosalind and her friends decide to gate-crash the party to win the heart of the school’s new wrestling champion, Orlando. But, to ensure that no one recognises them for who they really are, the fallen queens of the schoolyard disguise themselves as chavs – and male ones at that. Out in the sticks the field trip turns into a collision of sub cultures as emos, geeks, ‘It’ crowd, goths and now chavs are all forced together, resulting in the most captivating love triangles in the history of Shakespearian literature.

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Ste Webster
Director of Photography
Director of Photography
Simon Whybourne
Camera Operator
Grip, Camera Operator
Hymen (School Singer)
James Langley
Camera Operator (HD)
Assitant Editor