Back 2 Forward

2013, 125 minutes

When Going Back Is The Only Way Forward!

Back 2 Forward is a fast paced contemporary story, which follows the journey of Roshan (Adnan Amir), plagued by harrowing blurred visions in his sleep. One day these visions turn real with devastating consequences rocking his settled yet fragile world. As a result Roshan is left unconscious. The near death state takes Roshan back 8 months where he discovers a life he never knew he had! 8 months earlier Roshan is at University where he is introduced by his childhood friend Ria (Alisha Tauro) to her University friends Danny (Paul Rushton), Anna (Maria Solberg-Williams), Amit (Shervin Panahgar) and Kelly (Ellen Jones). During a University trip Kelly and Roshan are left stranded. Having put their differences aside they begin falling for one another, but not everyone is happy. When Roshan finishes his short Management Course he returns back to Manchester to visit his Mother. He can't believe he has found love. But something has happened in London, Kelly is not the same. Why has she changed? Are Ria and Roshan not just friends? Roshan returns to London with Ria and discovers that Amit has asked Kelly to Marry him and she's accepted. Shortly after, a shocking truth is revealed, which can only mean one thing...DEATH! Roshan awakes from his unconscious flashback knowing his past and more importantly the truth. He is more determined than ever to fight for justice. Only problem is he is the wanted man for the murder! How will he go about finding the killer? Who is the killer? Is it Amit? Is it Danny? Is it Anna? Is it Ria? Is it Kelly? Or is it Roshan after all? And most importantly...WHY?

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