Ballad in Blood

2016, 93 minutes

The mysterious murder of young student Elisabeth, pushes her flatmates beyond the limits of sanity.

Ballad in Blood is a 2016 Italian horror thriller directed by Ruggero Deoadato (Last Cannibal World; Cannibal Holocaust; House on the Edge of the Park; The Washing Machine) from a screenplay co-written with Jacopo Mazzuoli and Angelo Orlando. The film’s score is by Claudio Simonetti. The film’s shooting title was The Day After. After spending Halloween night revelling in sex and drugs, Lenka, a Czech student on an Erasmus exchange, her boyfriend James and their black friend Duke, discover the dead body of Elizabeth, a young British student. Hardly able to remember anything about what had happened the night before, the three try to piece together what happened using video from the dead student’s phone. But with the passage of time, tensions increase and the three protagonists of the macabre story start to accuse each other, going beyond the limits of sanity…

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Lenka (Lead)