Barbarians At The Gate

2009, 90 minutes

Political conspiracy thriller about a former british solider who infiltrates the fascist underground

Andy Packenham was a British soldier in Bosnia. After he killed a Serbian war criminal he served time in a military prison. From there, he was recruited to infiltrate the fascist Right in Birmingham, ahead of the launch of a new fascist party in Britain. Unknown to him, Stanic, his Serbian nemesis from Bosnia, is involved with the same group. Packenham gets closer to the leadership and becomes involved with Shirley Skinner, the abused wife of a fascist activist. But Stanic already knows who Packenham is. Suddenly, a race against time to prevent a terrorist outrage (and race war) in the West Midlands becomes equally a fight to the death in which only one will be left standing.

Connected mandy members:

Liz Jadav
Inspector Amal Mahmoud
Vicky Blades
Shirley Skinner
Greg Hobbs
Dragan Stanic