Basic Instinct 2

    • 2006 2 minutes

      The London based sequel to the 1992 erotic thriller, and in true form containing deception, physical temptation, lies, sexual intrigue surrounding the novelist Catherine Tramell

      Catherine Tramell(Sharon Stone)is now living in London and becomes centre of police investigations due to being involved in a sexually related car accident leading to a death.Psychiatrist Dr Michael Glass(David Morrissey)is evaluating her for trial on request by the police and at the same time sucked into her web when he takes her on as a private therapy client after coming out of a divorce and facing the resurrection of skeletons in the cupboard.Dr Glass realizes she has infiltrated his personal relationships and this leads him to question why people are suffering questionable fates.As you would expect Catherine diverts suspicion elsewhere, resulting in a psychological thriller.

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