Beauty Is The Beast

2021, 15 minutes

Beauty Is The Beast is a social real life drama about the struggle of East/South East Asian minorities living in a Western culture.

Naomi, a teenage girl of East Asian ethnicity living in London, is obsessed with having the perfect face. Having been influenced by western beauty standards all her life, her insecurities get the best of her and she believes her inherited beauty does not fit in with the societal expectations. She asks her mother Jisu, for permission to have double eyelid surgery but her mother does not agree, until one day, her mother finally changes her mind. Naomi rejects her natural looks and decides to fulfil her wish of double eyelid surgery, but it does not end there, as Naomi's transformation for the perfect face has just begun.

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Script Supervisor and Runner
My Ly
Mum - Jisu
Uvis Bertulsons
Foley Artist
Sound Mixer