2021, 35 minutes

Abused Mother, Lisa, struggles to cope with months of abuse by her abusive husband Mick, throughout the covid19 lockdown. In the meantime, her counsellor Aaron attempts to seek help, encouraging her to leave escape.

Behind Closed Doors 2, explores Lisa's struggle with domestic abuse throughout the period of the covid19 lockdown. Lisa loses her access to appointments with her counsellor, Aaron, due to the coronavirus outbreak. Counsellor, Aaron, pays a visit to Lisa's house after receiving a distressing phone call from Lisa's friend, Alison. The sequel focuses on how victims lose their access to support and how domestic abuse has amplified during lockdown. In the sequel, Lisa makes her choice whether to stay with her abuser or leave for the safety of her children.

Connected mandy members:

Dan Robins
Script Supervisor
Isabella Gomila
Make-up Artist
Makeup Artist