Betsy & Leonard

  • 2012 101 minutes

    When DJ Alex is placed under house arrest, he is forced to live together with his ex-girlfriend Karen.

    A month into a six month prison sentence for dealing mushrooms and weed, Alex King is offered a way out. As long as he can provide a home address, he can see out the rest of his sentence under home detention. The only problem is that Alex had been sleeping on his best mate Dave's sofa for six month and has already outstayed his welcome by five. The only solution is for Alex telling his probation officer that he still lives a his last know address, where Karen, his ex-girlfriend, still lives and works as a masseuse. Still hurt that Alex dumped her at a party, Karen's horrified when she gets back from the shops to find Alex in her flat. Thanks to British bureaucracy, she discovers it won't be easy to get rid of Alex's presence and she has to find other ways to to throw him out.

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  • Betsy and Leonard