Bollywood Brit

2011, 35 minutes

A young Asian girl aspires success in the Bollywood Industry

Alongside the milieu of a Bollywood movie, troubled teen Jazmine Khan desires to be a Bolllywood film star. She is offered the opportunity to star in a lead role in which her parents are unaware of as their ambition for her is to be a doctor like themselves. Vikki, a classmate of Jazmine’s, is riddled with envy towards her as she was rejected the leading role. Vikki’s cunning and vindictive nature allows her to be in cahoots with Jazmine’s parents and informs them that Jazmine is following her aspirations as an actress. The production requires Jazmine to travel to India where she is then kidnapped for a ransom. She successfully escapes with the help of her love interest Jimmi, the protagonist of the movie, detective Jay Kumar and her sister, Nyla who often refers to her as ‘Bollywood Barbie’. Eventually, we ascertain that Jazmine is really the biological daughter of the director, Rajinder. The villain who kidnapped her is caught which to Jazmine’s surprise is her best friend, Tina. The intention of the film is to amalgamate British Asian film making with the backdrop of Bollywood Cinema. The genre is a deliberate attempt of a contemporary Bollywood musical which is inclusive of a number of genres, such as suspense, romance, drama, adventure and comedy.

Connected mandy members:

Sonia Kaur
Saira Khan
Gemma James
Miley Rose
Atia Shah
Script Writer