Booked Out

  • 2012 86 minutes

    quirky story about lives of four individuals living in a block of flats

    Ailidh is an art school drop out whose outspoken views and unlimited energy levels hide her underlying low self esteem and need to be accepted and cherished for what she is. She loves taking Polaroid photos of everyone in the flats and also keeps a diary of their movements. She has been writing her graphic novel for as long as she can remember and for all anyone knows it could have been finished ages ago and be about a number of different things if her descriptions of the story are to be believed.

    Mrs Nicholls is an elderly woman who dotes over her husband even though he has long since passed away. Although dead he still manages to sweep her off her feet through his life long desire to live in France, his ambition to be a chess champion and his ability to go missing on occasion which isn't that hard for someone who doesn't exist.
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    Jacqueline has been hurt a long time ago and has hidden herself inside her flat ever since. Her monosyllabic answers, if she answers at all, defend her from opening up to the world and overcoming the pain that possesses her body. She knows deep down though that she must awaken from her numbness and is waiting for that time to happen to her.
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    Jacob is a sensitive young man who spends more time trying to help others than to concentrate on what is right for him. He becomes nauseous at the thought of confrontation with someone he cares about and in turn will do anything in his power to avoid this. When alone Jacob has dreams of his own but doesn't have the will and drive to pursue them.

    Jacob and Jacqueline are old school friends and Jacob looks out for Jacqueline but when he meets Ailidh his world is turned on its head. Her vibrancy enchants him and he can't help but strive to spend more time with her. Jacqueline recognises a change in him and is worried that he will forget about her.

    A game of cat and mouse ensues as both girls vie for his attention in their own peculiar ways while Jacob tries to keep one girl a secret from the other. At the same time he meets Mrs Nicholls, along with Ailidh and they try to help her survive with her demanding life as the wife of a dead husband.

    As Jacob and Ailidh become acquainted, through swing dance lessons and fancy dress parties, and Jacqueline undertakes even more drastic attempts to catch Jacobs's attention it is Mrs Nicholls who bring things to a head by following through with her husband's dream of moving to France. There are a few problems with her plan though, she doesn't know where she is going, how to get there or how to pay to get there.

    Ailidh needs Jacob most at this time to help her get Mrs Nicholls back but Jacqueline pretends that he isn't with her. Ailidh storms off, finds Mrs Nicholls and brings her back before confronting Jacob and Jacqueline. At the end of the confrontation Jacob is in the bad books with both girls and only has Mrs Nicholls for company.

    Jacqueline then decides she has had enough and leaves without knowing where to go. Jacob arrives back and she is gone. Ailidh watched her go and they have a heart to heart and he finally opens up to her. Ailidh takes it upon herself to find Jacqueline and when she does the girls realise that they share more in common with each other and there is an unsaid agreement to be friends.

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