Casimir Effect

  • 2011 60 minutes

    With the fate of creation in your hands, could you destroy it for love?

    A story of unrequited love, set on a backdrop of temporal paradox. Alice has a choice to make, stay with her true love and risk the collapse of the space time Continuum, or take more drastic measures to ensure all of creation isn't erased.

    Alice is thrown through time and into her own past. She finds her true love in Dr. Robert Cameron, however if she embraces this love she risks a paradox that could undo all of creation. She must lie low and buy her time until she can find a way out.

    Cromwell Jackson has knowledge of Alice sent back by his future self. He is most insistent that she and Dr Cameron comply with his wishes and allow him to gain a technological dominance at the risk of a paradox.

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    • Casimir Productions

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Alternative Names

  • The Casimir Effect