• 2015 86 minutes

    Drama centred around two brothers living in a caravan on someone else's land.

    RICHARD (Scott Chambers) and POLLY (Morgan Watkins) are brothers. Holed up in a knackered caravan on someone else’s land, their chicken has stopped laying and the little income they have is drying up.

    Then, at the worst time possible, the land they live on is bought. The new landowner, Rickson, moves into the farmhouse and cuts their electricity supply. He wants them gone.

    Richard, 15 but younger in spirit, longs to put down roots but his restless and destructive brother needs to keep moving. A chance meeting with seventeen year old ANNABEL (Yasmin Paige), Rickson’s daughter, leaves Richard besotted; whilst Polly befriends the guys who run a seedy traveling fair and decides to follow them to Nottingham. With or without Richard.

    Torn between loyalty as companion to his destructive brother or the chance of stability and working on the farm, Richard must make his decision before the fair leaves. A decision made all the more difficult by Polly's abusive behavior, the reveal of family secrets, and finding his first true friend in Annabel.

    CHICKEN is a story about growing up and finding your place in the world. About taking your future in your own hands, even if breaking the destructive routines holding you back means losing your only connection to your past.

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