Child Time Forgot

2014, 3 minutes

Pilot Trailer for Feature Film

<p>A psychological thriller based on the theme from the bestselling book "Children That Time Forgot" by Mary and Peter Harrison. Peter and his American wife , Mary, are authors completing a trilogy of books about the paranormal. Peter's first wife, Victoria, murdered two of their baby girl triplets. Victoria died incarcerated in a secure mental institution. The surviving daughter, Louise, has not been told and believes Mary to have been her Mother. When Peter finally tells his daughter the truth about her real mother, Louise goes off the rails. Victoria's spirit becomes earthbound and taunts her former husband. Life becomes terrifying for Peter with increasing demonic visitations. As he begins to despair, he arranges a seance to find an escape. Peter's life is about to disintegrate before a loving reconciliation saves him.</p> <p>Starring Craig Carter, Lauren Poveda, Michèle Belgrand-Hodgson, Lawrence O'Connor Introducing Michela Trela-Brownlie and Julia Shevelova.</p> <p>Direction, Cinematography and Editing by John Charles Brownlie Written, Cast and Produced by Peter Harrison.</p>

Connected mandy members:

Craig Carter
Michèle (Clairvoyant)
Holly Joyce
Doctor Goddard