2018, 90 minutes

A comedy feature film about a father and son's reconciliation after a family tragedy.

From the complicated minds of award winning writer and film maker Velton J Lishke and David J Keogh comes Clouds - a story about how we let our emotional baggage define us without really questioning why - and hope, luck, chance, fate and circumstance can turn things around - for better of for worse. Clouds is a comedy drama about a young man with ADHD who finds the world a difficult place to be in at times, and how love and loss and a journey back turns his life around, it's a story for all the losers out there, the one's who think they aren't good enough, clever enough, strong enough or simply aren't brave enough, life is there for the taking right ? All you have to do is believe in yourself and take chances instead of spending your life with your head in the clouds. Follow Stuart as he blunders towards his destiny .. Think Harry Brown meets 'I Daniel Blake' with a sprinkling of Monty Python and you will be nowhere near what this film is about but sadly we could not think of any other references .. we got distracted by a wildlife programme on BBC2.. this happens a lot!

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