Coconut Shy

  • 2012 14 minutes

    A short silent film to make you dance, swoon and fall in love... again or for the first time!

    Patrick and Rosie have a unique relationship. They know each other oh-so-well and their bond appears to be unbreakable. Friends since they were children, they share a love for 1930's Hollywood Musicals and electric fireplaces. One day on his way to work, Patrick meets Faye and it's love at first sight, much to Rosie's dismay. Over the next few months their friendship is put to the test in a way Rosie could never have imagined, and things turn out to be not quite what they seem. It's outcome is both heart-warming and heart-breaking in equal measure. Inspired by a love of Fred & Ginger, Disney Cartoons, Jan Svankmajer and Michel Gondry to name but a few, COCONUT SHY is a short (silent) musical for the romantic that lives somewhere in the heart of everyone.

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