2011, 86 minutes

The Wickerman for the Harry Brown generation

he Draymen Estate has become an urban legend. Amongst the sinister stories of strange locals and brutal violence, people have gone missing there. Two student filmmakers visit the estate in the hope their documentary will land them a lucrative career. Within minutes they are introduced to a skinned dog in a shallow grave. They quickly discover that behind the awkward smiles, the adults appear to be on drugs whilst the children roam wildly, further proof that this estate is a breeding ground for the darker side of society. A society which is about to present the student's with material of unimaginable horror, turning their final project into their darkest nightmare.

Companies involved in this production

Connected mandy members:

Dan O'Malley
James Cotton
Auntie (Lead)
Myke Cotton
Tomas Fuller
Sound Designer
Boom Op
Ben Bessant
Geeky Rocker
Mikki Anderson
Prop Maker
Assistant Special Effects Makeup Artist
Abi Oseni
Camera Assistant
Focus Puller
Henry Howard
Editor (Colourist)
Third Assistant Director
Samuel Myers
Pack Member
Sara Moreno merritt
Art Director (Assistant)
Art assistant
Dene Horgan
Editor, Colourist, Intermediates Producer, Visual Effects Artist, Credits.
Terry Bird
Executive Producer & Producer